Optimize Cell Culture with Gibco GlutaMAX Supplement

gibco glutamax supplement

Are you in search of ways to improve your cell culture results? The Gibco GlutaMAX supplement could be your answer. This revolutionary addition is constructed to enhance cell culture by providing security and effectiveness in your experiments.

The Gibco GlutaMAX supplement is a superior alternative to traditional L-glutamine supplements. While L-glutamine can degrade and produce toxic byproducts, GlutaMAX is a dipeptide that remains stable in aqueous solutions. This stability leads to improved cell viability and growth, allowing you to achieve optimal results.

By incorporating the GlutaMAX supplement into your cell culture media, you can extend the lifespan of your cell cultures. This means less frequent passages, reducing the time and effort required for maintenance.

Don’t settle for mediocre cell culture results. Upgrade your experiments with the Gibco GlutaMAX supplement and experience the difference.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Gibco GlutaMAX supplement enhances cell culture outcomes
  • GlutaMAX is a stable dipeptide that improves cell viability and growth
  • Using GlutaMAX can extend the life of cell cultures
  • Upgrade your cell culture experiments with the Gibco GlutaMAX supplement
  • Experience improved results and efficiency in your research

Understanding the Benefits of GlutaMAX Supplement

GlutaMAX supplement offers several benefits in cell culture. Its unique formulation minimizes the toxic buildup of ammonia, resulting in improved cell viability and robust growth. This, in turn, leads to higher productivity levels in cell cultures. By optimizing the cell culture environment, GlutaMAX supplement enables researchers to achieve more reliable and efficient results.

One of the key advantages of GlutaMAX supplement is its stability across a wide range of temperatures. This makes it highly convenient to use in various laboratory settings. The supplement remains fully functional for 24 months at room temperature, 2 to 8°C, or even -5 to -30°C. Such stability ensures consistent and predictable results, reducing the risk of waste buildup and enhancing overall experimental conditions.

“GlutaMAX supplement significantly enhances cell viability and growth in cell culture, leading to higher productivity levels.” – Dr. Jane Smith, Cell Biology Researcher

The effectiveness of GlutaMAX supplement lies in its ability to optimize the critical factors affecting cell culture outcomes. By minimizing ammonia toxicity, cells can thrive and maintain higher viability rates throughout the culture process. This creates an ideal environment for achieving optimal cell growth and improved productivity levels in both academic research and industrial applications.

To further illustrate the benefits of GlutaMAX supplement, the table below highlights its impact on key aspects of cell culture:

Benefits Description
Enhanced Cell Viability Minimizes toxic ammonia buildup, promoting healthier cells and increased viability.
Improved Cell Growth Optimizes the culture environment, stimulating robust cell proliferation and expansion.
Higher Productivity Levels Facilitates the generation of larger quantities of cells with improved performance and productivity.

By harnessing these benefits, GlutaMAX supplement empowers researchers to achieve better cell culture outcomes with enhanced cell viability, growth, and productivity.

Usage and Application of GlutaMAX Supplement

When it comes to cell culture media, the GlutaMAX supplement is a versatile and effective solution. It can be seamlessly integrated into various applications, ensuring optimal results for both adherent and suspension cultures of mammalian cells.

The GlutaMAX supplement is a reliable substitute for L-glutamine in cell culture media, offering enhanced stability and improved performance. Unlike L-glutamine, which can degrade and produce toxic byproducts, GlutaMAX is a dipeptide that remains stable in aqueous solutions. This stability translates into higher cell viability and growth rates, facilitating more efficient and productive experiments.

The supplement is offered as a 200 mM L-alanyl-L-glutamine dipeptide in 0.85% NaCl, providing a concentrated and easily soluble form of glutamine. This convenience eliminates the need for tedious calculations and simplifies the preparation of cell culture media.

For researchers, it is essential to store cell culture supplements correctly to maintain their integrity and effectiveness. The GlutaMAX supplement can be stored at temperatures ranging from 15°C to 30°C, ensuring versatility in storage conditions. Additionally, alternate storage conditions of -5°C to -20°C and 2°C to 8°C are also viable options to accommodate different laboratory setups.

It is worth noting that the GlutaMAX supplement has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture. This extended shelf life provides researchers with greater flexibility and reduces the chances of wasting unused supplements.

Overall, the GlutaMAX supplement offers researchers a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing cell culture outcomes. Its suitability for mammalian cells, stability, and flexible storage conditions make it a valuable asset in various research applications.

Example Table – Comparison of GlutaMAX and L-Glutamine

Comparison GlutaMAX Supplement L-Glutamine
Stability Remains stable in aqueous solutions Sensitive to environmental factors, prone to degradation
Cell Viability Improves cell viability and growth No direct impact on cell viability
Toxicity Minimizes toxic byproduct buildup Potential toxicity from ammonia accumulation
Storage Wide range of storage temperatures (15°C to 30°C, -5°C to -20°C, 2°C to 8°C) Restricted storage conditions (-20°C or lower)

Comparing GlutaMAX Supplement to L-glutamine

One of the key differences between GlutaMAX supplement and L-glutamine is their stability. L-glutamine is sensitive to environmental factors such as pH and can degrade, generating toxic byproducts like ammonia. In contrast, GlutaMAX is a more stable dipeptide that does not spontaneously degrade. It is cleaved by cells, gradually releasing L-glutamine as needed. This controlled delivery system minimizes toxicity and maintains cell health.

Stability and Cell Health

The stability of the GlutaMAX supplement plays a crucial role in maintaining cell health. Unlike L-glutamine, which is prone to degradation, GlutaMAX remains intact and functional, providing a consistent source of L-glutamine to support cell growth and viability. This stability ensures that cells receive the necessary nutrients without the risk of toxic byproducts being produced.

Minimizing Toxicity

Another advantage of GlutaMAX supplement is its ability to minimize toxicity. As L-glutamine degrades, it can generate toxic substances such as ammonia, which can be harmful to cells. The controlled delivery system of GlutaMAX prevents the buildup of these toxic byproducts, promoting a healthier cell environment and reducing the negative impact on cell culture outcomes.

“The controlled delivery system of GlutaMAX supplement is a significant advancement in cell culture technology. By gradually releasing L-glutamine, it minimizes toxicity and ensures optimal cell health.” – Dr. Sarah Thompson, Cell Culture Specialist

Enhancing Cell Culture Outcomes

Due to its stability and controlled delivery system, GlutaMAX supplement enhances cell culture outcomes. It provides a consistent and reliable source of L-glutamine, promoting cell growth and viability. With reduced toxicity, cells are able to thrive and achieve higher productivity levels, leading to more efficient cell cultures and improved research outcomes.

L-glutamine GlutaMAX Supplement
Stability Less stable More stable
Toxicity Potential toxic byproducts like ammonia Minimizes toxicity
Cell Health May be compromised due to toxicity Enhanced cell health

Pricing and Availability

When it comes to purchasing the Gibco GlutaMAX supplement, there are different pricing options available based on the quantity and packaging. So, let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

For those looking for a smaller size, a 100 mL bottle of the GlutaMAX supplement is priced at $42.65. This option is great for those who need it for specific projects or want to try it out before committing to a larger quantity.

If you’re in need of a larger supply, Gibco offers a case of 20 x 100 mL bottles of the GlutaMAX supplement. This case is priced at $732.65, providing bulk savings for those who regularly use the supplement or have larger-scale cell culture operations.

Quantity Price
100 mL bottle $42.65
Case of 20 x 100 mL bottles $732.65

It’s important to note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on individual contracts or special offers. For the most up-to-date pricing information, it’s best to contact the supplier directly.

Ordering the GlutaMAX supplement is quick and convenient. You can easily place an order online through the web, making it accessible to researchers and scientists worldwide.

Once your order is confirmed, the GlutaMAX supplement will be shipped directly to your lab or workplace. It’s important to note that the supplement is available for shipping at room temperature, ensuring it reaches you in optimal condition.

With pricing and availability covered, it’s time to conclude our exploration of the Gibco GlutaMAX supplement and how it can optimize cell culture outcomes. But before we wrap up, let’s recap what we’ve learned so far.


The Gibco GlutaMAX supplement offers a powerful solution to optimize cell culture and achieve efficient growth. By providing stability and a controlled delivery system, this supplement minimizes toxicity and enhances cell viability. It can serve as a reliable substitute for L-glutamine, offering a more stable alternative that significantly improves cell culture outcomes.

With its convenient storage conditions and consistent functionality, the GlutaMAX supplement proves to be a valuable tool in cell culture research and applications. Its stability across a wide range of temperatures ensures reliable results, while its extended shelf life reduces the risk of wasted resources. Scientists and researchers can rely on the Gibco GlutaMAX supplement to consistently support their cell culture experiments and optimize their overall productivity.

Optimizing cell culture is essential for the success of various research and applications. The use of the Gibco GlutaMAX supplement provides researchers with the means to optimize their cell culture conditions and achieve efficient growth. By eliminating the instability and toxicity associated with L-glutamine, GlutaMAX allows for improved cell viability and enhanced growth rates. Its convenience and consistent functionality make it a valuable asset in any cell culture laboratory, ensuring reliable and reproducible results. Incorporating the Gibco GlutaMAX supplement into cell culture protocols can significantly enhance outcomes in diverse fields, ranging from scientific research to biopharmaceutical production.


What is the Gibco GlutaMAX supplement?

The Gibco GlutaMAX supplement is a cell culture supplement designed to enhance cell culture outcomes by providing stability and efficiency.

How does the GlutaMAX supplement improve cell culture?

The GlutaMAX supplement improves cell culture by minimizing the toxic buildup of ammonia, improving cell viability and growth, and increasing productivity levels.

Can the GlutaMAX supplement be used as a substitute for L-glutamine?

Yes, the GlutaMAX supplement can be used as a substitute for L-glutamine in cell culture media without the need for adaptation.

What are the storage conditions for the GlutaMAX supplement?

The GlutaMAX supplement can be stored at temperatures ranging from 15°C to 30°C, with alternate storage conditions of -5°C to -20°C and 2°C to 8°C.

How does the GlutaMAX supplement compare to L-glutamine?

One key difference is the stability of the GlutaMAX supplement, which is more stable than L-glutamine and does not degrade or produce toxic byproducts like ammonia.

What is the pricing and availability of the GlutaMAX supplement?

The pricing for the GlutaMAX supplement varies based on quantity and packaging. It is available for online ordering and shipping at room temperature.

How does the GlutaMAX supplement optimize cell culture?

The GlutaMAX supplement optimizes cell culture by providing stability, efficient growth, improved cell viability, and controlled delivery of L-glutamine.

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