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Virtue's Ingredients

Our Ingredients

"I have been looking for a natural option to deal with my anxiety, and I found it in these supplements. Within 40 minutes of taking the pills, I start to feel mellowed out and I can focus again. I usually feel this way for the rest of the day."

- Belinda

"I have tried several different prescription medications for anxiety and have always wanted a more natural solution. My experience with Virtue was very positive... I felt a calming energy that helped me feel stable and in control without any side effects."

- Derek

"As a business owner, stress comes with the territory. During my busy day I take Virtue and feel a calm and relaxed sensation that helps me focus."

- Bryan

Who We Are

Meet Dr. Jaclyn Bauer

Our Promise

We don’t cut corners on formulating Virtue Supplements. The ingredients are natural, GMO free, vegan, gluten free and are at clinically effective doses. 

Our Mission

The inspiration for Virtue came after examining the growing need for supplements to support mental health. Oftentimes struggles with anxiety and stress, mood and depression, as well as cognition and memory may not warrant prescription medication, but the experience is still severe enough to require some type of relief.

Virtue exists to close this gap. 

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