About The Founder

Meet Dr. Jaclyn Bauer


I ran into so many people struggling and needing help, but also having a strong aversion to prescription medication. I wanted to find a natural way for them to get the relief they deserve.

Since earning my PhD in clinical psychology at California Graduate Institute, now Chicago School of Professional Psychology, I have worked in drug and alcohol treatment centers, hospital settings, colleges, eating disorder clinics, as well as in private practice.   

As a psychologist, my job is to get my clients back to who they are while managing their struggles with mental health. What I see in my practice with clients is that oftentimes struggles with anxiety and stress, mood and depression, as well as cognition and memory, may not warrant prescription medication, but the experience is still severe enough to require a solution.

I've personally struggled with situational anxiety. While I never felt it was necessary to get on a prescription, the fact that the only medication available was for either general anxiety (pills that were to be taken daily), or for situational anxiety (pills that could become habit-forming), did not sit well with me. In both scenarios, it was completely possible that I could build up a tolerance. Therefore requiring higher doses. I also hated the idea of struggling with side effects. 

When I turned to all-natural products to manage my anxiety, I didn't get the relief I was hoping for. I got curious as to why and started looking closely at labels and ingredients. 

What I discovered were gaps and a whole lot of fairy dusting... Products claiming to contain certain ingredients, however the doses are too small to be effective. So I decided to investigate the top ingredients and build my own perfect supplement.

With the added benefit of my husband Casey’s executive-level experience in the world of plant-based supplements and nutrition, we invested a lot of time and extensive research into our formulation to make sure it works and uses the clinically studied doses. 

And we’re thrilled to be introducing Virtue Supplements in a next gen 1/2 liquid : 1/2 powder capsule! Prior to this it was very difficult to get liquid and powder together in effective doses. Taking lavender oil combined with pharmaGABA was unheard of.

With Virtue you get top-of-the-line ingredients in one shot. Every batch is tested to ensure what's on the label is on the product.

How do I use Virtue's Anxiety + Stress Relief? When I need a good night's sleep and my mind won't stop; right before I start menstruating and I am more irritable than usual; and right before I know I'm heading into a stressful situation.  

I invite you to check out all the virtues of our premier supplement... Because everyone deserves to live with less stress and anxiety in their lives.  


“I have tried several different prescription medications for anxiety and have always preferred to find a more natural solution. My experience with Virtue was very positive as I felt a calming energy that helped me feel stable and in control without side effects, elevated heart-rate or thoughts of worry.”
- Derek