What Joe said...

"I’ve dealt with anxiety for most of my life and have felt the affects of it consume me more and more in recent years as a single father of two children. While I have been prescribed medications from my doctor like Effexor and Buspirone to help treat my condition, I didn’t find them overall helpful in the long run. Often feeling depressed and drowsy with the side effects being worse than what the medication was meant for. I had given up on taking anxiety meds in the last year as I felt I was dealing with it better without any medication. But with the catastrophe 2020 has been... when every day brings forth a roller coaster of emotions and turmoil, I wanted to give something new a chance. And after taking Virtue, I’m incredibly glad I did! Shortly after taking two Anxiety + Stress Relief capsules during a stressful day where my anxiety was very high, I felt a true sense of calm within an hour of taking it. Virtue has made it easier for me to stay focused on my work, focused on my children, and focused on my mental well-being without that overwhelming feeling of taking on far more than you carry. This all felt like a real relief for me! Finally a medication that truly works and a pill I know I can rely on when days get the best of me. And with Virtue, I feel I can bring out the best of me and enjoy the days ahead with a mind at ease." 

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