The ingredients for our Anxiety+Stress Relief formula are sustainably sourced from around the world.  Click on the Virtue pinpoints and learn more about PharmaGABA, Suntheanine, Lavender Oil, and Lemon Balm Extract



The Ingredients + their Virtues: 

PharmaGABA - A natural form of GABA (a major neurotransmitter that is abundantly and widely distributed throughout the central nervous system) that has been proven to play a critical role in reducing stress and anxiety by promoting feelings of relaxation and calmness, as well as improving concentration and mental alertness.  PharmaGABA has been clinically shown to produce relaxation as evidenced by changes in brain wave patterns, diameter of the pupil, and heart rate as well.

Suntheanine - Naturally found in green tea, the amino acid L-theanine promotes mental and physical relaxation without inducing drowsiness.  It stimulates the production of alpha waves, which is associated with a relaxed-but-alert mental state.  Most L-theanines found in the market today are synthetic and often don't contain real L-theanine.  We use the trademarked Suntheanine in Virtue's products to ensure you get 100% pure and natural L-theanine.

Lemon Balm Extract - The rosmarinic acid in lemon balm extract has been shown to decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Our lemon balm extract is standardized to a minimum of 5% of rosmarinic acid to ensure you get its studied benefits.

Lavender Oil - English lavender oil has been studied and shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety.  We have sourced our lavender oil to be at the same concentration of the version studied to deliver the same benefit to Virtue's customers.

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