• How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

    How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep
    Sleep is such a crucial part of mental health. If we get a bad night’s sleep, then it is easy to feel more depressed, anxious, stressed, triggered, as well as have problems with concentration and memory.    Here are some pro tips for a good night's sleep: Put your phone away! Stop looking at your screen 60-90 minutes before bedtime. Also, turn off the...
  • How Does Diet Affect Your Mood?

    How Does Diet Affect Your Mood?
    There is some truth to the saying you are what you eat.  Obviously no one is going to turn into a slice of pizza or a Big Mac, but eating processed food  every day can have a negative effect on not only your physical health, but also your mental health.  I am a big believer in mindful eating and having balance in what you...
  • Consumer Education: Labels + Ingredients

    Consumer Education: Labels + Ingredients
    Two facts that you need to know when reading labels on health supplements. Confession time, I used to not be an educated consumer. Especially when it came to supplements.  It wasn’t until my husband, who worked at a top vitamin company, witnessed how I selected supplements to buy that I knew I had to change my ways. He was horrified.  While it should have been the...
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