• How To Make Friends As An Adult

    How To Make Friends As An Adult
    I am someone who needs to have a solid circle of friends.   My husband, however, seems to be perfectly happy with his friendship “circle” to be more of dot…me (slight exaggeration). As an adult, however, it can be difficult to make friends. Five years ago I moved to Texas without knowing anyone and it was incredibly difficult for me to make friends. I am...
  • Progress Not Perfection

    Progress Not Perfection
    My oldest son has been 2-wheeling it for a few years now and we recently transitioned him to a "big kid" bike.  He is struggling.  He's eight and pretty much at the tail end of the recommended height for the size of the bike, but we thought it would be good for him to have the bigger bike so our little one can use his...
  • The Benefit of Fear

    The Benefit of Fear
    For my 40th birthday I invited a bunch of girlfriends to do a rope course with me.  I have always wanted to do one and I found a facility nearby that had a 50-ft climbing wall, ropes course, and this crazy activity where you climb up a telephone pole, stand atop of it, and then jump off to try to grab onto a trapeze. All with...
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