• Why it's Important to Establish Healthy Boundaries

    Why it's Important to Establish Healthy Boundaries
    Healthy boundaries are important for your mental health. Establishing different types of boundaries such as physical, sexual, financial, and emotional leads to healthy relationships and more sincere communication, encouraging assertiveness and self-esteem.
  • Music and Your Brain

    Music and Your Brain
    Many people, every day, turn to music for its ability to calm, motivate, and focus. There is a song or genre for every mood, and that's for a good reason. Beyond the noticeable effects we feel when we slip our headphones on, science has proven that while you are jamming, your brain is working.
  • What's in your supplement?

    What's in your supplement?
    In the past, transparency was never a word you would associate with the supplement market. Many people were sold on fancy language and creative marketing, keeping people from getting the full benefits from their vitamins and supplements. Fortunately, the market has shifted in recent years thanks to educated consumers and ethical companies entering the industry.
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