What's in your supplement?

What's in your supplement?

In the past, transparency was never a word you would associate with the supplement market. Many people were sold on fancy language and creative marketing, keeping people from getting the full benefits from their vitamins and supplements. Fortunately, the market has shifted in recent years thanks to educated consumers and ethical companies entering the industry. Though things are looking up, there are many things to consider when supplement shopping. This blog explores terms to avoid, effective dosing, and the importance of great ingredients.


Before you go wild at GNC, consider that supplements are exactly that. They need to supplement your intake of certain nutrients, not replace them. However, if your diet is lacking or your physician has expressed a need for supplements, remember a few things before you make a purchase. 



Proprietary Blend


In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration requires the manufacturers of dietary supplements to list the amount of each ingredient in their products on the Supplement Facts label. However, these same regulations allow manufacturers to lump a bunch of ingredients together and call it a blend. In most cases, it isn't easy to know from the label the precise amounts of each of the ingredients in that blend (only-approved.com). So if your supplement says proprietary blend on it, make sure the ingredients included are at an amount that will benefit you.


We don't believe in clever marketing to sell a sub-par product. Instead, we take pride in our effectiveness, quality, and authenticity. You'll never see our products use a proprietary blend or fill our supplements with unnecessary ingredients. We promise to use the right ingredients at their clinically-studied doses for every product and take a synergistic approach to wellness through transparency, honesty, and love. We created Virtue Supplements to help quality mental health become a staple in your daily routine.


Active & Inactive Ingredients


The active ingredient is delivering the consumer benefit promised by the brand. Any supplement you purchase should have that ingredient listed as its first and foremost active ingredient. For example, Virtue Supplements has four active ingredients: Lavender Oil, Lemon Balm Extract, PharmaGABA, and Suntheanine. However, don't be deterred by inactive ingredients. These ingredients aren't necessarily medicinal; instead, they can be used for several reasons, such as binding agents, stabilizers, help in absorption, and even a disintegrant. At Virtue Supplements we use natural inactive ingredients versus most of competitors which use synthetic ones.


Unlike other supplement brands, we believe you are a Virtue! Every active ingredient and where it was sourced from are listed on our website. We use extensive research when determining the best formulas for our supplements. Our products feature high-quality, natural ingredients that help relieve anxiety symptoms without the risk of dependency and extreme side effects. It's essential to maintain the ethical revolution the supplement market is undergoing. Your health and happiness are important to us and therefore, so is everything that goes into our supplements.


Additives to Look Out For


On many occasions, toxic chemicals and unnecessary ingredients make it into supplements that you may unknowingly take. Most manufacturers claim that these additives are there to preserve formulas, improve color and taste, or make supplements appear better. However, these additives and fillers can affect your body's health, especially if ingested regularly.


Though other supplement brands on the market may not be as honest as we'd like, as long as you're armed with this information, you can choose a supplement your body needs without sacrificing your health. Look out for "blends'' and ensure the active ingredients in your supplement are precisely what it is advertising. That's what we're here for—assisting in moving the market into transparency and accountability. Stick with us at Virtue Supplements – Where Ethics and Excellence Meet.

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