What are the symptoms of anxiety?

What are the symptoms of anxiety? - Virtue

How do you know when you have anxiety?


My brother recently asked me this question.  This is a question from a highly intelligent man who attributed his recent rapid hair loss to stress.  He has a stressful job, he had cancer and is now in remission, found out his wife had cancer and she is now in remission.  He has had tons of stress and anxiety in a relatively short amount of time.


But he didn’t know the symptoms of anxiety


So to help him and anyone out there who does not know if they may or may not have anxiety, here are some common symptoms of anxiety:


- Recent rapid hair loss

- Change in appetite (increase or decrease)

- Recent weight fluctuations without any intent

- Physical pain (shoulder, neck, jaw)

- Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

- Biting nails, picking scalp, pulling out hair

- Rapid heart rate, feeling flushed

- Ruminating thoughts and/or excessive worry and difficulty concentrating

- Restlessness or Agitation (I struggle a lot with this one, especially at night)



Please keep in mind that if you check some or all of these boxes, it does not mean you have anxiety.  Make sure you go to your doctor and get a annual physical and blood work. 


If you struggle with some of these symptoms and are looking for a natural solution, Virtue can help.  I created Virtue as a natural solution for stress and anxiety.


Remember, your health is a virtue.


Your mental health is a virtue.


You are a virtue.

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