• What is CBT?

    What is CBT?
    You may have heard different acronyms and words thrown around when hearing conversations about therapy and had no idea what it all meant.  You may or may not have heard of CBT, DBT, psychoanalytical, positive psychology, object relations theory, and many others. 
  • Your breath is a Virtue

    Your breath is a Virtue
    Did you ever have one of those days where time was zooming by, and not because you were having fun?   I had one of those days this week.  I had...
  • It's Time To Normalize Talking About Mental Health

    It's Time To Normalize Talking About Mental Health
    After giving birth to my first child, I remember taking him to a pediatrician appointment and not only did I have to fill out a questionnaire regarding his developmental milestones, but I also filled out one regarding my mental health. I was so impressed that they were asking about me as well as my newborn!  And when I answered those questions honestly - I...
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