• Suntheanine versus L-theanine

    Suntheanine versus L-theanine
    There are many stress and anxiety supplements out in the market, and a large number of them contain L-theanine - an amino acid found most commonly in black and green tea leaves. L-theanine has been studied for ages for its benefit on mental health, stress and anxiety. One of the drivers for this research is the belief that, for some reason, drinking green tea...
  • Consumer Education: Labels + Ingredients

    Consumer Education: Labels + Ingredients
    Two facts that you need to know when reading labels on health supplements. Confession time, I used to not be an educated consumer. Especially when it came to supplements.  It wasn’t until my husband, who worked at a top vitamin company, witnessed how I selected supplements to buy that I knew I had to change my ways. He was horrified.  While it should have been the...
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