• You're not alone

    You're not alone
    You’re Not Alone Thankfully mental wellness continued to come to the forefront of public health in the last few years. We are slowly but surely removing the stigmas and becoming more open-minded about therapy and treatment. These are impressive strides, but our fight’s not over. 
  • The Benefits of Lemon Balm Extract

    The Benefits of Lemon Balm Extract
    The Benefits of Lemon Balm Extract If you’ve walked the aisles at supplement stores and spent hours looking online for herbal supplements that can help support your health needs, you’ve probably seen lemon balm extract out there. While much easier to pronounce than many other herbal supplements, 
  • Music and Your Brain

    Music and Your Brain
    Many people, every day, turn to music for its ability to calm, motivate, and focus. There is a song or genre for every mood, and that's for a good reason. Beyond the noticeable effects we feel when we slip our headphones on, science has proven that while you are jamming, your brain is working.
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