• You're not alone

    You're not alone
    You’re Not Alone Thankfully mental wellness continued to come to the forefront of public health in the last few years. We are slowly but surely removing the stigmas and becoming more open-minded about therapy and treatment. These are impressive strides, but our fight’s not over. 
  • Your breath is a Virtue

    Your breath is a Virtue
    Did you ever have one of those days where time was zooming by, and not because you were having fun?   I had one of those days this week.  I had...
  • #realtalk Feeling Overwhelmed and Under Appreciated

    #realtalk Feeling Overwhelmed and Under Appreciated
    You know when you're having a tough week. Recently, I think I hit that pandemic wall. I was working all day with my youngest next to me, preparing three meals a day, laundry, trying to keep the house clean (which with kids is trying to clean while a tornado is going wild in the house), and general life stuff. I didn’t feel like I had...
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