• #realtalk Feeling Overwhelmed and Under Appreciated

    #realtalk Feeling Overwhelmed and Under Appreciated
    You know when you're having a tough week. Recently, I think I hit that pandemic wall. I was working all day with my youngest next to me, preparing three meals a day, laundry, trying to keep the house clean (which with kids is trying to clean while a tornado is going wild in the house), and general life stuff. I didn’t feel like I had...
  • The Benefit of Fear

    The Benefit of Fear
    For my 40th birthday I invited a bunch of girlfriends to do a rope course with me.  I have always wanted to do one and I found a facility nearby that had a 50-ft climbing wall, ropes course, and this crazy activity where you climb up a telephone pole, stand atop of it, and then jump off to try to grab onto a trapeze. All with...
  • It's Time To Normalize Talking About Mental Health

    It's Time To Normalize Talking About Mental Health
    After giving birth to my first child, I remember taking him to a pediatrician appointment and not only did I have to fill out a questionnaire regarding his developmental milestones, but I also filled out one regarding my mental health. I was so impressed that they were asking about me as well as my newborn!  And when I answered those questions honestly - I...
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