• The Benefit of Fear

    The Benefit of Fear
    For my 40th birthday I invited a bunch of girlfriends to do a rope course with me.  I have always wanted to do one and I found a facility nearby that had a 50-ft climbing wall, ropes course, and this crazy activity where you climb up a telephone pole, stand atop of it, and then jump off to try to grab onto a trapeze. All with...
  • #realtalk Failure

    #realtalk Failure
    I was listening to Sara Blakely, the SPANX founder and CEO, on her Masterclass training and she mentioned that, while growing up, her father would ask at dinnertime, “What did you fail at today?”  She shared how having that simple conversation with her father made it so she was willing to take more chances in life, and had made her less afraid of failure. Sara...
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