Suntheanine versus L-theanine

Suntheanine versus L-theanine - Virtue

There are many stress and anxiety supplements out in the market, and a large number of them contain L-theanine - an amino acid found most commonly in black and green tea leaves.

L-theanine has been studied for ages for its benefit on mental health, stress and anxiety. One of the drivers for this research is the belief that, for some reason, drinking green tea doesn’t seem to cause the nervousness (aka jitters) often associated with consuming caffeinated beverages.

Researchers discovered early on that L-theanine consumption significantly increases alpha wave activity in the brain, which can promote calmness without the side effect of drowsiness. 

So then comes the obvious question, what is Suntheanine and how does it relate to L-theanine? 

While L-theanine is commonly found in tea, the process to extract it is very difficult. This has prompted many manufacturers to create synthetic processes to try to develop this compound. However, one manufacturer with a long history in green tea, Japan’s Taiyo International, has created a patented enzyme fermentation process to mimic the natural process in green tea leaves. Taiyo has invested in over 200 clinical studies to prove the efficacy of their specific L-theanine and its benefit on sleep, anxiety, stress, and even on other mental cognitive benefits related to improving learning response, heightened mental acuity and promoting concentration.

Suntheanine has been certified by the FDA for GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) since 2007 and is Non-GMO Project Verified.

While many options (and much cheaper ones) exist for L-theanine in the market, we wanted to ensure we provided a natural source to consumers that best aligns to the natural and true source found in green tea. In fact, Dr. Daniel Armstrong, the Caldwell Professor of Chemistry at Iowa State University conducted a series of chemical analyses on commercial products and found that Taiyo’s Suntheanine was the only one that truly contained pure L-theanine. 

Rest assured that hundreds of clinical studies were done on the ingredient we put into every capsule of Virtue’s Anxiety + Stress Relief. We feel confident we have given you the best, non-GMO form of L-theanine available at a robust dose of 100mg per serving. 

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