#realtalk Feeling Overwhelmed and Under Appreciated

#realtalk Feeling Overwhelmed and Under Appreciated - Virtue

You know when you're having a tough week.

Recently, I think I hit that pandemic wall.
I was working all day with my youngest next to me, preparing three meals a day, laundry, trying to keep the house clean (which with kids is trying to clean while a tornado is going wild in the house), and general life stuff.

I didn’t feel like I had an outlet. 
I didn’t want to exercise (my normal go-to to help my mood).
I didn’t want to meditate.
I didn’t want to do anything. 

I was in a funk. And when I get in a funk, I don’t feel like I am being a very good mother, wife, or partner.
I tried (and failed) to implement a rule that anytime my kids ate a snack that they had to eat it outside because I was tired of all the crumbs all over the floor (one of my many pet peeves).
I told my family that I was struggling and that I just needed alone time. 

I feel like since the start of this pandemic I haven’t really been alone (and I love being alone).

For me, once I hit parenthood, I learned to appreciate being alone and silence so much more. 

Thankfully my family listened, and I got more alone time.
I binged on a Netflix show, I took a bath, I listened to explicit music without worrying about little ears hearing some of the lyrics.
I worked out with the door closed and didn’t have little faces peeking in asking if they could have a snack! 

It was glorious, and it helped me find “me” again.
There is so much power in “me” time #amiright?  

It is when I reconnect with myself and reset.
It's when I get in touch with my emotions and really listen to what is going on inside of me. 

I think as a parent, “me” time can be seen as selfish and looked down on.  However, I noticed after some time alone, I'm a much better parent and more present with my kids. I have more energy to play with them and have more patience. I am more willing to have game night before bed, play soccer/football outside, cook with them, and listen to kids bop and dance along. 

Let’s remember that self care is not selfish. We need to take care of ourselves.  Let’s make sure to refill our buckets. 

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