Consumer Education: Labels + Ingredients

Consumer Education: Labels + Ingredients - Virtue

Two facts that you need to know when reading labels on health supplements.

Confession time, I used to not be an educated consumer.

Especially when it came to supplements. 

It wasn’t until my husband, who worked at a top vitamin company, witnessed how I selected supplements to buy that I knew I had to change my ways.

He was horrified. 

While it should have been the ingredient panel, it was the label and packaging that would determine if I would purchase something or not.  

Today I am a label junky and I wanted to share two facts that will transform you into an educated consumer.

Fact #1
One of the first things my husband taught me was that some supplement companies will use “fairy dusting.”  I thought, “Wow, that sounds awesome, I want that fairy dust!”  

However, he informed me what fairy dusting was and how it is definitely not a good thing.  

The truth of the matter is that many companies just “dust” a product with an ingredient to be able to say that the ingredient is in their formulation. But the reality is that the amount of the ingredient that made it in the product is so minimal that it does not have any effect.  

Mind. Blown.

The reason some companies “fairy dust” is because the really effective doses of ingredients generally cost a lot of money. 

Counterintuitively, these companies do not want to spend the money for a great end product. They only want to be able to say their product contains that ingredient.  

Fact #2
Another sneaky thing companies do with their ingredients is to create “proprietary blends”, which means that they do not disclose what amount of each ingredient is actually in their product. They have to disclose the specific ingredients, but do not disclose the amount and therefore they hide how much of each ingredient is in their product. It is another sneaky way to be able to say you have a specific ingredient, without having to have the amount for the product to be effective.

At Virtue, we do not stand for these tricks. We will never engage in fairy dusting and we use the clinically effective amount in our products and we refuse to hide behind a proprietary blend.  

We believe in transparency with our consumers and we believe in educating our consumers. 

You are a virtue.

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